Traffic Bought: 2500 Visitors

Price: $7

I always say to stay away from super cheap traffic. That being said I figured for $7, I would give it a try just to see if any of the traffic converted. They use pop-under ads, so I wasn’t expecting much. Lets see how it went.

Their stats page shows that they delivered all 2500 visitors that I ordered. Let’s see how many of those visitors were converted into leads.

Using My ClickMagick Tracking link to track the traffic I received 454 Total Clicks (TC) with 411 Unique Clicks (UC). I also received 481 Filtered Clicks (FC) which are basically garbage. So I was able to only track 935 of the 2500 clicks. 481 of which were complete garbage. You can compare that to the campaign I ran on I ordered 100 clicks and received 104 and converted 30 into leads (A) and 3 into sales (S).

RATING: 1/10


2500 Visitors



    • Cheap


    • No Coversions
    • Horrible Traffic
    • Under Delivered
    • Pop Under